Paul Laurie : Collector and Curator of Experience

Paul Laurie

Collector and Curator of Experience

Paul's travels over the past twenty years have taken him to over 80 countries, from the in-the-know hum of trendy Parisian bistros to the vast, pristine landscapes of the Himalayas. He has slept on the floors of temples and worked as a photographer in New York City, shooting movie premiers and backstage at Fashion Week. He counts a collection of antique travel bars among his prized possessions.

Ten years ago, Paul’s desire to share his passion for travel led him to start Walking Tree Travel, a travel company that takes students on culturally engaging programs worldwide.

Paul is also the moving spirit behind Silver Spork Social, an intimate pop-up supper club borne of his desire to bring people together that share in a sense of adventure.

Invisible City is an extension of that vision.

Paul approaches every event with an exquisite eye and boundless creativity, guided by the belief that every moment has the potential to be the best of our lives.
Kate Wilkonson : Curator of the Curious

Kate Wilkonson

Curator of the Curious

They say the happiest people have the most community. Though not sure who “they” are, Kate agrees with this in it’s entirety. A Denver native and classically-trained jewelry designer by trade, she focuses on custom pieces, ones with story and soul inside them. Though tremendous passion lies there, it’s a solitary life and by itself doesn’t complete Kate’s passion for connection and building community. She’s a traveler and a creative with a wild spirit. Finding the connections, the conversations, and the patterns in living makes her feel most alive. She’s excited to help you tell your stories, and of course, for all of us to make new ones.
Nicholas Caputo : Head Henchman

Nicholas Caputo

Head Henchman

More information on Nicholas is coming soon. For now, he will remain an enigma wrapped in a dad joke wrapped in bacon (because everything is better with bacon).

Bailey Harper : Keeper of the Keys

Bailey Harper

Keeper of the Keys

More information on Bailey is coming soon. For now, she shall remain a mystery.

Amber Blais : Talent Curator

Amber Blais

Talent Curator

Amber's second home is within the walls of Invisible City. This fantastical place has fostered her creativity and ignited her soul. With over 15 years of marketing, event planning and graphic design experience, she is thrilled to be able to make magic as part of the curators at Invisible City.

In her free time, Amber is the Producing Director for Rainbow Militia and is working to create an immersive production fueled by circus, live music and interactive sets. Her dreams of one day growing wings and learning how to fly are well on their way as she has been practicing the aerial arts for a over 7 years, with fabric as her favorite apparatus. She has performed all over the front range but thrives when she is able to perform with live musicians. One of her favorite collaborations was with Chimney Choir at the Levitt Pavilion in a space themed circus extravaganza.

In addition to her love of circus, she is also the Co-Curator of Raconteur Denver which was voted Denver Westword's Best New Storytelling Event.
Edwin Sandoval : Head Chef

Edwin Sandoval

Head Chef

Perhaps the most defining characteristic of a dedicated chef is a conviction to moving through the ranks in a kitchen,from washing dishes to cooking on the line to creating menus and managing staff. After 11 years in the industry,Edwin Sandoval has moved
through these ranks in fine dining establishments in Colorado Springs and, for the past five years, here in Denver.

Armed with a degree in culinary art and a passion for the influence food has in people’s lives, chef Sandoval has worked continuously to build on his skill set. He wasted no time making a name for himself after moving to Denver in 2012, working with Executive Chef John Broening at the award-winning brasserie Le Grand Bistro.

Impressed with his skill, Broening asked Sandoval to help open his next venture, Argyll Whisky Beer as chef De Cuisine. From local foodie blogs to national media outlets, the gastropub received glowing reviews for its local take on the British concept. From
there, Sandoval took his talent to South Broadway’s playfully themed Beatrice and Woodsley, where he added a number of regularly featured dishes to the restaurant’s creative menu and got the opportunity to expand on his managerial and cooking style.

During his time at B&W, Sandoval had the opportunity to meet Paul Laurie when he was a featured chef for Silver Spork social. After B&W Sandoval joined the team of Spuntino and later moved to lead Telegraph neighborhood bistro. Chef Sandoval has once again joined forces with Paul Laurie to work on a beautiful creative entity, Invisiblecity.
Kevin Galaba : Bar Manager

Kevin Galaba

Bar Manager

Kevin has been in the bar industry for the past 15 years in a variety of settings. As the Bar Manager at Invisible City, his drink recipes and bar program menus tend toward simplicity and balance, with an emphasis on local, fresh and unique ingredients. Kevin is also the Executive Director of Friends & Family, which is a nonprofit organization serving Colorado’s restaurant employees (there are 300,000 in Colorado).

Rainbow Militia :

Rainbow Militia

Rainbow Militia is a performing arts and circus collective in residence at Invisible City. They particularly enjoy working with live music and creating unconventional events across Denver. The core militia of Amber Blais, Maureen Maguire, Leilani Rose, Elizabeth Smith and Staza Stone is joined by countless members of the circus community, musicians, photographers, videographers and visual artists in pursuit of their mission: to broaden the love of circus and dance through unique and exciting collaborations across the arts.

Mau Hidalgo : Designer

Mau Hidalgo


Mau's background in architecture and interior design coupled with his love for plants made him the perfect fit to bring to life the vision of creating an oasis in the middle of Denver.

“I think spaces are capsules of emotions; they are a combination of elements like colors, sounds and smells that make the environment unique. I try to create places where people feel different without completely understanding why.”