Paul Laurie, Curator

Paul is a collector and curator of experience.  

His travels over the past twenty years have taken him to over 80 countries, from the in-the-know hum of trendy Parisian bistros to the vast, pristine landscapes of the Himalayas.   He has slept on the floors of temples and worked as a photographer in New York City, shooting movie premiers and backstage at Fashion Week. He counts a collection of antique travel bars among his prized possessions.

Ten years ago, Paul’s desire to share his passion for travel led him to start Walking Tree Travel, a travel company that takes students on culturally engaging programs worldwide. 

Paul is also the moving spirit behind Silver Spork Social, an intimate pop-up supper club borne of his desire to bring people together that share in a sense of adventure. 

Invisible City is an extension of that vision.

Paul approaches every event with an exquisite eye and boundless creativity, guided by the belief that every moment has the potential to be the best of our lives.

Kate Wilkonson, Keeper of the Keys

They say the happiest people have the most community.  Though not sure who “they” are, Kate agrees with this in it’s entirety.  A Denver native and classically-trained jewelry designer by trade, she focuses on custom pieces, ones with story and soul inside them.  Though tremendous passion lies there, it’s a solitary life and by itself doesn’t complete Kate’s passion for connection and building community.  She’s a traveler and a creative with a wild spirit.  Finding the connections, the conversations, and the patterns in living makes her feel most alive. She’s excited to help you tell your stories, and of course, for all of us to make new ones.


Rainbow Militia, Aerial and Performance

Rainbow Militia is a performing arts and circus collective working with live music and creating unconventional events across Denver. Our mission is twofold. 1) to save the temple building that is our home and 2) to broaden the love of circus and dance through unique and exciting collaborations across the arts.

Mau Hidalgo, Designer

His background in architecture and interior design coupled with his love for plants made him the perfect fit to bring to life the vision of creating an oasis in the middle of Denver.
“I think spaces are capsules of emotions; they are a combination of elements like colors, sounds and smells that make the environment unique. I try to create places where people feel different without completely understanding why.”