Invisible City is a membership-based community and event production company dedicated to creating the most unique, creative, and engaging experiences imaginable. Invisible City has three goals:

CREATE… a community for outstanding individuals from all backgrounds that have a passion for exploring and embracing the unknown. We will cultivate this community by creating experiences of all types available to our members. These experiences are listed on the Member Experiences tab and are funded through suggested donations. If you are reading this, you are one of us. Welcome.

CONSULT… with individuals and organizations who want to infuse their own events with a bit more magic. Whether this is a private dinner, photo shoot, retreat, champagne brunch, product launch, happy hour, wedding, birthday celebration, fashion show, aerial demonstration, or just an excuse to have a ridiculous party, Invisible City can provide the full spectrum of event production services to make your vision a reality.

PRESERVE… the historic, serene, urban-oasis where we host many of our events and prevent our home from being torn down. How will we do this? With your help. See numbers one and two.